Wool Week 2013 Expo

Here is my post about the Wool Week Expo, just like I promised yesterday.

Wool Week is an initiative of The Campaign for Wool Ltd, which has the mission to convince consumers that opting for wool as opposed to synthetics in fashion and lifestyle will make a positive contribution the environmental sustainability around the world.

Yesterday, the Wool Week was officially kicked off with an exhibition at the Cromhouthuizen in Amsterdam showcasing wool pieces of established names in fashion. The exhibition is divided into five characteristic of wool: nature, structure, breathe, strength  and elastic. The exhibition is very divers, there is even a very soft (looking) woollen chair. My favourite pieces are the Avelon Circumscription and Lanvin’s all black look #18 men’s AW 2013-14 collection. And I have to admit that JANTAMINIAU’s L’image Tranquille spring/summer 2013 is in my opinion one of the most exquisite pieces of the exhibition. I love the silhouette.

The exhibition is a must-see and will be open for the public until Sunday 3 November.

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  • Tracey Krause

    I love those face hats, my daughter has the bear one. Many ladies make face hats here in Ecuador.